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Welcome to Light & Lines Interiors where we design homes & spaces. We work closely with our clients on the hundreds of details & decisions they face when building a new home or remodelling.

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We would highly recommend Jaclyne for your interior design needs. We are so pleased with the work she has done. She is professional, knowledgable and listens to your wants & needs. Our friends are wowed by the renovation. Thank you so much!
Michelle Smith -- Falmouth, Nova Scotia

What we offer

​There are so many critical and time-consuming decisions in the home-building or remodelling process. We offer expertise that will allow you to confidently progress through every step from the small details to the big layouts.

As your design partner we’ll create a holistic vision of your home and keep you on point when designing things such as kitchen cabinet layouts, custom millwork, paint & material palettes, selecting faucets & plumbing, hardware, flooring, furniture, decor, and so much more. 

Living Room with Fireplace

Full service home design

We work closely with our clients to design homes that capture the essence of their family and lifestyle. Developing an overarching design aesthetic together ensures that every space in your home flows together in a seamless and natural way. We create spaces that encompass the essential balance between function and beauty.

Selecting and sourcing products


Choosing between dozens or even hundreds of options when it comes to products & finishes in your home can be daunting. Material, style, colour, size, finish and features are just a few considerations for each of these. We work closely with you to help you make confident decisions when narrowing down, selecting and sourcing products.

Interior Design Objects

Creating color & material palettes


We work with our clients to achieve their desired design aesthetic through the subtle details of patterns, colours, styles and materials. We help bring your spaces to the next level by combining all of these in a thoughtful & balanced way.

Our process

We work in close collaboration with our clients, and we take this design journey together. All our projects are bespoke but follow this general flow:

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Living Room

Research & conversation


Design concept


Design development



Good design starts with a good understanding of a client. In this initial phase, we get to know you, your individual needs, your lifestyle and of course your own vision for your home. We align on what you are looking for regarding the character, layout, functional requirements and aesthetic of your spaces.

In this phase, all of the initial ideas that came to light begin to take shape. We develop concepts and send you visualizations of these in the form of mood boards, color palettes and sketches and renderings. Through collaboration, we refine the concept and determine the direction of the design.

As ideas solidify, we move from conceptual to concrete. We produce a design in more detail, specific to the spaces and site conditions (room sizes, ceiling heights, doorways, etc.) as well as existing items (furniture, appliances, equipment, etc.). This phase produces drawings and includes specifications for items such as materials, colors, furniture, hardware, etc.

As your partner in design, we see the work through to the end. We are your voice when working with contractors to ensure the best possible outcome. We work closely with contractors in order to ensure conformance and compliance to the design while facilitating any answers to questions that may arise.

Our work

At Light & Lines Interiors we work on projects ranging in scope from entire home interiors to single rooms. We have worked with clients from very early stages in their home-building process selecting all finishes, materials, lighting, artwork, bedding, designing custom woodwork, designing kitchens, entranceways, living rooms, etc. We've also worked with smaller budgets, moving through one space at a time, over time. 

Our fees

Home design is a creative and collaborative process, with discussions and iterations baked into the flow. During our initial meeting we will discuss the scope & details of your project and from that we can generate an estimate for time & fees to complete the work. Get in touch to discuss your home project today!

Our initial meeting & quote is free -- let's talk!

Wooden Tones

"Design adds value faster than it adds costs."

-- Joel Spolsky

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Fall River, Nova Scotia

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